Thursday, May 31, 2007

Resurrection of the Reno Ramblers and What's in a Name?

Calling all Cyclists!

I've been asked recently about my choice of Reno Rambler and the title of this blog so I thought it a good time to throw this out there...(besides the obvious-I'm from Reno and I like to Ramble on about whatever)

The Reno Ramblers were one of the earliest bicycle clubs in the area, predating the most known bicycle club (the Wheelmen) by about 5 or 6 years. The earliest mention of the Reno Ramblers that I have come across is from the Daily Nevada State Journal dated Wednesday, June 4th, 1890. You can read the article by clicking on the image. I love that they elected officers and specifically that they had a "bugler" which was pretty standard for these early bicycle clubs which were quasi-military in organization. Many early articles on bicycling in this area mention the campaign to build a track for competitions at the State Fair grounds. (Wouldn't a velodrome in Reno still be a great idea?)

My favorite line in the article is:

"The streets and roads around Reno are excellent for this sport, and any member of the club will be pleased to give any information to intended riders, or those who comtemplate purchasing wheels." Reno still has great roads and trails to offer cyclists and a pretty remarkably diverse group of cyclists.

I've been wondering if it is possible that the Reno Ramblers could be reborn. Is there interest in another club besides the pro pedalers or the wheelmen? It seems like the emphasis could be different. Perhaps a Randonneuring/Brevet club? Or maybe as an urban cycling club focused on the challenges of commuting in this area? Advocacy? Maybe just the social club it once was. Whatever the focus is I'm hoping that we can have a bugler.

So what say you, fair reader? Anybody interested in a new bike club in town? Throw me your 2 cents.... I'm willing to get the ball rolling but I'm curious if there is interest out there?


Jeff said...

I like your idea of a casual cycling club. It seems most official clubs are racer oriented. Just cruising around and socializing sounds very appealing.

Reno Rambler said...

Wolfy of the baconstrip blog (and others) has expressed an interest in a casual cycling club. Perhaps meeting on weekends for a laidback ride around the area with food stops along the way. Feel free to email me and I'll start compiling a list of interested riders to kick off a new Reno Ramblers Cycling Club.

wolfy said...

Yep, I'm with you.

A little coffee, a few BearClaws, riding some hills, hitting some dirt roads, yapping, cheese, vino, sun, a day in the saddle, or just a morning breakfast run, or a group shopping trip down to Scummit Sierra to make warranty claims on out ipods. Evening pint runs to local hotspots (GBB, STH, Ceol...)

Fun thing about it could be whoever doesn't show up/has to work in the yard, gets a mob of cyclist come by their house to say hi!

I would like to coordinate with the RenoBikeProject on some commuter/urban cycling advocacy issues as well.

I'll host the 1st meet-n-greet BBQ/strategy session. I have plenty of bike parking.


wolfy said...

A cool brevet ride would be from here to my brother-in-law's parent's house in Wellington via the Ft. Churchill road. Would be over 100 miles. More than a casual breakfast ride, but certainly something none of the other clubs are into. And we could still have breakfast, and lunch and dinner...


Stahl said...

I'm down for the casual riding club. I really enjoy meeting the bike riding folks here in Reno. As a relatively newcomer to the area, it has been the best way for me to make friends.

Wolfy has some great ideas dealing with urban cycling. This is a very exciting time to be on a bike in Reno!

Reno Rambler said...

I agree...this is an exciting time in Reno bike culture! I hope that in some small way we could help keep that momentum going.

It appears that a casual social club is what people are leaning towards and that's cool. Nobody has offered their bugling skills but I can live without that...I guess.

Maybe we can network a bit and try to kick off an inaugural ride sometime around the Tour de Nez? I'm getting over a little cold which nailed me just as I finished off my bike commute challenge.

Anyway, I'll contact some other people I know who might be interested and send out an email/post. If you haven't sent me an email to get on a list please write to me at:

Stahl said...

Hey man, I totally can be the bugler! I got one in my closet. That would be sweet!

Anne said...

I'd also be game for a casual cycling club - a welcome venture for Reno! Rock on, Reno Rambler.

wolfy said...

Why am I not surprised that Stahl has a bugle? We can all wear knickers and be the biggest dorks on the west coast. Like I needed any help in that department!


Reno Rambler said...

Embrace your dorkiness! I do.

wolfy said...

Oh, I've got both arms all the way around it.


Linda said...

I love the idea of a casual cycling club. Count me in. I am new to reno as well and think this would be great fun.

Reno Rambler said...

Linda, there hasn't been much activity on the RRs front as of late but coincidently I was just thinking about trying to organize something this past week. If you're interested drop me a line at and I'll put you on the list.