Sunday, April 20, 2008

Human Powered Vehicles!

I went down to IGT this morning to check out the third day of the HPV championships. A cool and blustery but very sunny day out there on the course. Here is a smattering of shots from the event. Some fun and creative, fast and slow designs (or was it riders?) on the course today. Lots of fun!


Jason said...

Good Pictures.

I wish I knew who you were because I would like to meet you in person.

FYI, I posted a few more pictures on my Picassa site. You can get to them from my website at

Reno Rambler said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. Nice site.

You can always drop me an email. I'll be in the flesh at the RTC Bike Advisory meeting tomorrow.

afrogshop said...

To my mind everybody have to glance at it.