Thursday, November 08, 2012

Old vs. New: Bike Comparison

Not particularly conclusive in any way shape or form but the comments after riding the old steel bicycle seem more telling than the actual time difference between the two rides on the same course.  Nevermind that the older steel bike is more comfortable and who wouldn't want the traditional wool gear over the lycra stuff?

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JeffOYB said...

Seems like the 50's bike was 2" too small -- in both saddle height and reach. Was that done to emulate 50's positioning? No matter what bike I was on, I would've been a couple minutes slower in a 10-mi myself in that position compared to how I prefer to ride. Obviously, it would be easy to set up a 50's bike to fit however one would like. Lastly, that was of course a comparison of TT bikes, not road bikes.