Monday, January 21, 2013

7 Layer Burrito Bike Ride

No, this is not a reference to a post-ride Taco Bell carbo-load.  With the prolonged cold spell we've been having I've been getting just frustrated enough to pull on the extra layers so I can get out for rides that are longer than my 10 mile commute.  When it's 9 degrees out, even with the sun and now mostly clear roads, it gets a bit hard to get on the road.  

It occurred to me when I was walking out the door for one of my cold rides that over the years I've accrued plenty of cold riding gear.  Almost embarrassingly so since the costs of some of this tech gear must add up to a small fortune.  But then, I've been riding seriously for 20+ years so that makes sense.

How does one ride comfortably in such cold temps?  Layers, layers, layers!  I start with thick wool socks, ibex wool tights with wind panels, good bike shorts underneath, a wool base layer from Rivendell Bicycle Works,  a thick wool jersey, a wind breaker style bike jacket, and an ibex wool wind jacket over the top.  In addition a good wool neck gaiter and a Castelli winter riding cap.  Not to mention the Pearl Izumi Penguin gloves.

The real theme of most of these items is the amount of wool.  Better at regulating body temperature than  any synthetic tech gear I've ever come across and with the added benefit of not getting stinky as fast as most gear.

The mountains give a hint of just how cold it is out there.

Barcons are best for cold weather shifting.

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