Monday, July 29, 2013

The History of Bicycle Advocacy

From Montreal
Here is a great article chronicling some of the tension that has occurred as different ideas about how to improve bicycling and bicycle infrastructure in this country.  Chiefly, the article addresses a street in Minnesota, but it is a great case study for the competing viewpoints and philosophies on how to get people on their bikes.


The status quo of bicycling in the Twin Cities works well for a small but significant number of people, a group that skews young, male, wealthier, and white. It works so well that Minneapolis is justly famous for being a great place to ride a bicycle.

But the same streets that work well for those people fail large numbers of others, folks that might have a bicycle in their garage, might want to try riding a bike and getting exercise, but won't go beyond the Midtown Greenway or the river paths because they don't enjoy sharing the road with cars. If we want to grow bicycling beyond our current 6-10% group, we need roads that appeal to even more kinds people. That's exactly why we need to build cycletracks, starting with Minnehaha.

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